Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunflower Studio Art Move to Southern OREGON

Did you know that Grants Pass, OR is famous for the sign over a city street that reads "It's the Weather"? Yesterday marked my move to this area of southern Oregon. Most of my landscape paintings come from my experiences in this region, "home country" for me.

Thanks to family and friends, things endured well the 400 mile trip last night in a four-horse/cattle trailer! I didn't have as much large painting inventory to transport on this move which helped immensely. Boxes are well labelled, so it shouldn't be long before I'm back to painting full steam ahead.

Watch to see how the light in the area affects my art.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Third Mountain Meadow Oil Painting Sketch by Artist K. Joann Russell

"Mountain Meadow Sketch #3"
5 x 7" oil painting on gessoed mat board

Do you see the difference in this little painting from the previous sketches...other than the size change? This was done in the early morning light. Notice the position of the long shadows and the bright light on the trees.

En plein air painting is so much fun. One has to respond quickly to the light on the scene before it changes. That means move than paint brush fast. No time to fiddle with little details. That's been my goal with my artistic journal this year, quick and loose painting. This sketch moves toward that goal. The biggest challenge was the evergreen trees, to show texture of branches without infinite detail. I had fun. That made my day and trip!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Second Mountain Meadow Oil Painting Sketch from Southern Oregon

"Mountain Meadow Sketch #2"
4 x 5 3/4" oil painting on gessoed watercolor paper

Working in a series or painting from memory surely sharpens our visual skills. This sketch I painted the same afternoon as the one posted yesterday. However, I remembered how the light brightened the meadow earlier in the afternoon. I added some complementary color touches of light lavender in the yellows of the fields and specs of red in the evergreen masses of trees. That added something to the composition and made it more alive. I even acquiesced to my brother's desire to have wisps of high clouds in the sky! Artistic license!

Which rendition do you like of the two?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mountain Meadow Oil Painting Sketch from Southern Oregon Trip

"Mountain Meadow"
4 x 5 3/4" oil on gessoed watercolor paper

While on my recent trip to Southern Oregon I spent two days in the remote mountains where the temperatures were 20 degrees below the blazing 100's in the Rogue River Valley. This is the first of a series of sketches I painted as I watched the light change on this meadow. This first rendition I painted en plein air late in the afternoon. Can you feel the coolness of those shadows from the evergreen trees of fir and pine?

The gesso sealed the watercolor paper and I've varnished the dried oil painting. Now you can frame this gem without glass as you would with a stretched canvas.


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