Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Celebrating Sunflower Studio Art

"Sunflower Series #5"
28 x 20" watercolor on paper

Time to celebrate! It has been a long time since 1983 when this watercolor was featured in an article by the art critic at that time, Alan R. Hayakawa of the Portland Oregonian. He wrote of a gallery show of my work and commented on my bright flower paintings. Those were the days when I did gallery shows.

I've used this image as a logo for my website. Today I started a Facebook Page for Sunflower Studio Art using this logo again. Online networking has been keeping me busy learning and having fun in recent weeks. I don't have any paintings to show for all the clicking of computer keys, but I think this image aptly says, "you've come a long way, baby!"

Consider how many changes occurred during this time span. We didn't have websites then. Etsy wasn't a thriving marketplace. Cell phones, ipods, all the technology we consider essential now have changed everything, especially in the art world. However, nothing can replace the uniqueness of a handmade, one of a kind, bona fide original piece of art. We still treasure that human touch of creativity to our "things".

A special thanks to all those who helped me along the way to continue this artistic journey!

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Gaston Studio said...

And it's a beautiful painting! You should be so proud of your growth!


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