Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Sunflowers Painting by Artist K. Joann Russell of Sunflower Studio Art

"Sunflower Coming Forth"
9 x 12 x .75 acrylic painting, gallery wrap canvas
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After three days of intermittent snow and bright sunshine I finally was able to photograph this newly completed painting. It is a great illustration of painting surfaces and the sharpness of an image. The canvas grain prevents the type of hard edged shapes I often paint on watercolor papers. Even watercolor surfaces vary in texture. The peaks and valleys of the surfaces make for fun results. Add those to the brush strokes produced by a variety of brushes and you see how creative art can be.

I showed the watercolor version of this image in an earlier blog post. I'm becoming a fan of acrylic paints again. The colors can be so clear. I like to paint fast when such gorgeous colors surprise me. Besides, when it is cold and wet weather the speedy drying time is a big bonus.

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Gaston Studio said...

So gorgeous. You make me wish I had taken more than 6 weeks in fine art courses back in the 70s! After Myrtle Jones (famous Savannah artist who is now deceased) keep banging me on the head to paint like her, I never took another course.


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