Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Field Colors in Painting for Artistic Journal of K Joann Russell

"Field Colors"
5 x 8.5" Acrylic/Ink on paper

Do you recognize the colors from the beach scene yesterday? With the last bit of those paints I did a brief sketch in my artistic journal. My journaling efforts are short on words but long on images which I'll explain below. My schedule today is such that studio time will be minimal so I thought I'd use this to share my adventure into this art "form".

I've never been a traditional journaler. I write notes to myself on scraps of paper that get torn up or stashed in a file folder, mostly to be forgotten. I'm just not a prose writer. I enjoy crossword puzzles and have written formalized papers. I've used random words on a sketchbook page to decide a direction for a painting, but that isn't the usual journal that people talk about.

In December while working on year-end business tasks and new goals, I read a fascinating book, "The Creative Entrepreneur" by Lisa Sonora Beam. She uses multi-media journaling as part of her decision making process. Maybe you could say it is a variation on brainstorming. I tried a few trials for myself which were a little stiff at the start, but then it lit a spark in me for the new year.

I decided to use my new artistic journal to help me become a more expressive painter using colors. I didn't want to box myself in a corner by rigidly holdly to a daily schedule. I wanted to use whatever materials suited me at the moment. That meant a world of paper and supplies in my scrapbooking stash plus all my drawing and painting media. I wanted images to be my expression with only small amounts of text. I wanted to "cut loose" with acrylic paints which I have done freely on mat board scraps that get tossed. I wanted to get back into landscapes. I guess you could say I wanted to get my "voice" again.

I didn't need anything fancy, but it had to be durable. I found on the 50% clearance rack at the local Kroger(Fred Meyers) a journal with lightweight paper and large sized rings enough for a year. Then I found a sketchbook of mine that had unused papers in a heavier weight that would withstand water applications.

In this photo I left part of the ink lettering at the top to give you an idea of my completed page. I glue the heavy weight paper on the journal page and write in the margins words, quotes, etc. that give some meaning to the imagery. Remember how a picture is worth a thousand words? Mine are. I'm finding myself going back to pages in this journal to refresh my memory and encourage myself. It really is helping me keep focused. Why don't you try one for yourself?

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Linda said...

Beautiful artworks. Lindax


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