Monday, February 9, 2009

Beach Color in Daily Painting with Favorite Brush

"Beach Color"
4 x 5.75" acrylic on watercolor paper

Most of today I've been working on a large seascape, so beaches have been on my brain! I had already cleaned up my brushes when I remembered about a small painting for my blog. I decided to paint quickly using only one large brush for the size paper and a few colors. Out came some fresh paint: naples yellow, raw sienna, hooker's green, cerulean blue, and ultramarine blue, and titanium white.

The brush I used is a filbert brush #4. I really like filberts because their "scalloped" shape creates versatile strokes. I can draw lines or make broad strokes or lightly drag the flat or narrow side of the brush.

I had only a few minutes so I concentrated on colors I find at our Pacific Ocean beaches. I kept the surf relatively calm. The vantage point is looking down from a hillside to the sand and rocks.

I had fun and didn't totally make a mess of my composition as I did the other day. Another good illustration of the ups and downs for artists. This was a good day. I look forward to tomorrow being equally great or even better.

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Chris said...

This painting has a lovely, soft feeling about it.


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