Friday, September 19, 2008

Original Sunflower Painting, Daily Painting by K Joann Russell

5 x 7" acrylic on canvas - gallery wrap

Close Up View

Today as I started to set up my palette to finish a larger painting, I noticed one particular sunflower outside my windows. I switched to a new canvas, prepared it with a light orange wash of paint, allowed it to dry and then used a brush with dark red orange paint to draw the sunflower and the many leaves behind it.

The underpainting showed through as I played with various colors of yellows and yellow greens. I added light blue greens to cool those yellows a bit. I tried to make the brushwork expressive and made soft edges so that the image was not sharply defined. I had a lot of fun with this one.

The painting edges are painted as part of the imagery. A frame is not necessary. However, you could use one if you wanted to. The painting comes to you unframed. If you plan not to frame it, please let me know and I'll attach wire to the back of the painting.

Update: This painting was purchased by a person in California. To purchase other paintings or prints click here K Joann Russell.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Garden Flowers Nasturtiums Original Daily Painting by K Joann Russell

Morning Nasturtiums
7 x 5" Acrylic on Canvas - Gallery Wrap

Yesterday morning while having coffee in my garden I noticed that the nasturtiums were coming to the end of their blooming season. I picked three blossoms, put them in a small glass vase, and started my daily painting. As usual, I used a limited palette of 4 or 5 colors.

Today I put a few finishing touches on this small painting before working on larger paintings.

The painting comes to you unframed. The image is painted on the sides of the gallery wrap canvas. No staples show on the sides. Framing would be optional. If you don't plan to frame it, let me know and I'll attach wire to the back of the painting so that it is ready to hang when you receive it.

To purchase other paintings and prints, click here K Joann Russell

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Original Painting of Garden Flowers, Nasturtiums on Gallery Wrap Canvas

"Nasturtium Study"
5 x 7" Acrylic on Canvas - Gallery Wrap

This seemed the perfect day to rearrange part of my studio for the fall/winter months. The wall of windows facing east supply lots of light during the well publicized gray days of the northwest. The newly flowering tall sunflowers won't be there in the garden outside those windows when winter comes.

So, I kind of switched gears today and picked up the acrylic paints rather than the oils. Acrylics dry faster than the oils in the winter time. Of course, the sun came out gloriously by noon today!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Original Western Rural Landscape Painting, Southern Oregon Horses by Artist K. Joann Russell

How does one listen intently to the news on the television without watching the screen while at the same time paint? That's why it took longer today to finish this watercolor. What probably saved the day was the fact that I was painting a familiar subject --- "home" territory!

"Oregon Pastures"

9 x 12" watercolor

Close Up View

Close Up View

An original painting of "home" country for me -- Southern Oregon ranch country. The mountains, the evergreen trees, the dry pastures contrasting with the irrigated green pastures -- all on a bright day in the sunshine. The mare and her foal are typical of the ranches in this area.

This original painting comes to you unframed. To purchase, click here K Joann Russell.


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