Friday, August 29, 2008

Original Oil Painting - A Daily Painting - Study in Purple 7 x 5" Gallery Wrap Canvas

Some days get filled with everything but paint and paint brushes. This was one of those days. I may not have been painting but I surely was noticing colors everywhere I went.

That's how I'm wired. A color catches my eye and I want to do something with it! Even the simple wonder of the deep purple sweet peas peeking at me around the garage as I walked back from the mail box. But, the mail was more important at that moment.

So, all excuses aside, I admit I did not lift a paint brush today. Instead here's a little jewel done sometime ago as a daily painting exercise. Maybe it's the color purple that's "it" for me today.

"Study in Purple"
7 x 5" oil on canvas - gallery wrap

Close Up View

This painting is available. It's perfect size for table top easel display.

Today finished with some lovely compliments from people in far reaches of the USA. Thanks again to all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Original Watercolor Painting Sketch of Nasturtiums

The orange reds contrasting against green nasturtium leaves caught my eye when I went outside to enjoy my lunch in bright sunshine. These are part of the second blooming of tiny nasturtiums planted next to the cement patio edge. At first I thought of using acrylics to paint this one, but the light was changing so fast that I grabbed the watercolor palette I was already using today. The challenge was to show the bright colors of the flowers and make the larger size blossom "pop" out as it was doing from the ground and the various greens of leaves in shadows.

"Nasturtium Color Study"

5 x 7" watercolor on mat board

Can you picture me sitting on the concrete to get down close to the subject? I sketched basic composition lines then swiftly added color strokes using only #8 and #4 round brushes. The smooth surface of the back of the mat board allowed for washy strokes of color. I indulged myself in some negative painting (painting around the back of a color shape versus painting the shape directly). I love to do that. I also did some glazing to pull everything together (color wash over the entire piece). Yellow helped unify everything. I signed it with my #1 round and called it a day. I got what I wanted. The nasturtium flower "popped" off the sketch surface.

Do you like it, too? This one is free to the first person to e-mail me to request it. Click here to e-mail me. Update 11/04/08: An admirer of my work who lives in Maine asked for this sketch. I plan to offer free more little sketches, so check back on this blog.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Original Watercolor Painting of Red Poppies, 9 x 12"

Another original painting in a red poppies series, a follow up painting to the watercolor of a flower garden of red poppies. This time the paper is hot press watercolor paper which has a very smooth surface. The paint handles differently because the tiny indentations in cold press paper are not present for the paint to pool. The brush strokes are naturally more fluid.

"Poppies #3"
9 x 12" watercolor

Monday, August 25, 2008

Recent Painting - Red Poppies - Original Oil Painting

Finally I've joined the ranks of bloggers. I've been a daily painter for years. Here's the most recent new painting, an 8 x 10"oil painting in a series of red poppies paintings.

I'll get the hang of posting with some practice. Until I get used to posting and using PayPal buttons and links, please visit my website to purchase paintings. To purchase, click here K Joann Russell


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