Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chromium Oxide Green - New Name in Daily Painting

Today on my way back from shipping a painting to a collector I went down the hill to the beach for a coffee break. I enjoyed the birds diving for their Saturday brunch, a seal stealing lunch from the fishermen, and the few minutes of sun breaking through the clouds.

All of a sudden I noticed, there's that chromium green oxide mix with cerulean blue out there in the water! I looked a bit more at the colors in the Puget Sound waters, then I grabbed my trusty sketch book to draw this composition. Even a small tug way out on the water provided some interest because it had a neat accent of red on the engine house, perfect touch for a tiny painting of greens. Everywhere I looked that green/blue mixture was staring at me. Aha moment arrived! That is what is known as "Seattle Gray"!

For those who haven't lived here nor experienced our climate, this area is known for the persistent gray sky that drips most of the time with moisture from mist to torrential rains. Seattle is absolutely gorgeous when the sun is out, but the fall/winter covers us with a blanket of gray. I've not associated that gray with this paint color that I'm about to toss from my supplies. (Read an earlier post about chromium green oxide).

For those curious about the geography, the dark land mass behind the tug is Vashon Island. The distant more blue land mass is the DesMoines area south of Seattle and near SeaTac International Airport.

Here's the little painting I did today after working on some larger paintings. I used color mixtures from only three colors: chromium green oxide, cerulean blue, and titanium white. Then I dotted the tug with a bit of cadmium red deep.

"Seattle Gray"
3.5 x 5.5" acrylic on paper
Free to the first person who requests it.
Update: Artist Julie Carnes of California who owns property on the island claimed this painting. See her work at

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