Friday, August 29, 2008

Original Oil Painting - A Daily Painting - Study in Purple 7 x 5" Gallery Wrap Canvas

Some days get filled with everything but paint and paint brushes. This was one of those days. I may not have been painting but I surely was noticing colors everywhere I went.

That's how I'm wired. A color catches my eye and I want to do something with it! Even the simple wonder of the deep purple sweet peas peeking at me around the garage as I walked back from the mail box. But, the mail was more important at that moment.

So, all excuses aside, I admit I did not lift a paint brush today. Instead here's a little jewel done sometime ago as a daily painting exercise. Maybe it's the color purple that's "it" for me today.

"Study in Purple"
7 x 5" oil on canvas - gallery wrap

Close Up View

This painting is available. It's perfect size for table top easel display.

Today finished with some lovely compliments from people in far reaches of the USA. Thanks again to all.

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