Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Test Painting Watercolors on Canvas, Daily Painting Fun

Today's painting fun challenged me with a re-visit to painting watercolors on canvas.
Recently I used my jar of Golden Acrylic Absorbent Ground to prepare two canvases. In the picture's top portion I used a palette knife to spread a layer of ground on raw canvas. In the lower portion I spread a layer of ground on a previously double gessoed canvas panel.

With a #8 watercolor brush and fresh paints I played with colors on the two areas of ground. What amazed me the most was the lack of uncontrolled watercolor over the surfaces as I've previously found in using commercially prepared "watercolor canvases". I acknowledge "operator error" could have contributed to my previous frustration.

The paint seemed to "grab" on to the raw canvas ground without going through to the reverse side of the canvas. The ground on the canvas panel has a somewhat smooth surface but the paint didn't run uncontrollably. 

I tried adding colors to wet areas of paint, and I also tried  "lifting" paint in places. Additionally, I tried some "negative" painting areas and was very pleased with the results.

Later when the initial paints had dried I added more strokes of paint and also tried to re-wet areas for further work with surprising success

In conclusion, I'm excited to try more watercolors on canvas. I am so accustomed to traditional watercolors that they are a natural medium for me in contrast to using acrylics as watercolors. 

In recent years I've been painting oils and acrylics to get away from the framing challenges of watercolors on paper. Maybe I've found the best of both worlds for me. There's a freshness in the watercolor on the canvas panel ground that I like. 


Monday, December 8, 2014

Mountain River in Summer Original Oil Painting | Small Art | Wall Decor

"Mountain River - Summer"
5 x 7" Oil
Today's small oil painting reminds me of warm summers in the mountains of Oregon. This painting will give you a smile on a rainy gray day as we are experiencing today. The sun came and went today, but the dry warmth of high mountain streams made my day.
The contrasts of summer shoreline rocks exposed by the low stream add a different note to the usual contrasts of cool greens and blues. Hopefully, the low river water created some pools for the fish to escape the heat of summer.
Visit my other small paintings for recent landscapes. Small art make perfect gifts and can be easily framed in standard size frames. Treat yourself, too.
Have you considered planning your decorating from the colors of a painting? Start with your wall decor rather than your sofa color for a change!  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

High Tide Surf Oil Painting | Small Seascape | Daily Art

"High Tide Surf"
5 x 7" oil painting

As Thanksgiving Day approaches I am grateful to have challenging work that never leaves me bored. Each painting is a learning experience. 

Most days paintings can be improved, but I have to accept that my learning is where it is today and move on to improvement hopefully tomorrow. A few paintings turn out awesome, an over the top "ah hah" learning experience. 

And then there are those which just don't "cut it". Can they be improved or must they be sent to the garbage or recycle bin?

Today's painting is a "rescue". I posted in August a daily painting created with a quick palette knife application in a very impressionistic style. Even though a genuine deep sea fisherman related to the painting immediately, I still wasn't satisfied with the art. Today that painting improved.

I've added it to my website for purchase. Later I'll add it to my other shop/venues.

Yes, there are more daily paintings being added to my

Please bookmark this blog to receive updates. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Landscape Colorful Original Oil Painting Mountain Stream Runoff 5 x 7 Canvas Daily Small Art

"Mountain Runoff"
5 x 7" oil 
"Mountain Runoff", a small colorful original oil painting, shows an impressionistic view of a mountain meadow where a stream of runoff water finds its path to lower elevations. The grasses and occasional wildflowers add bits of color to the warming landscape.

"Mountain Runoff" is an oil painting on canvas panel ready to place in a standard size 5 x 7" frame. It comes to you unframed.
Slowly I'm getting to the task of uploading files for recent small paintings. I've added this colorful original art to my Etsy shop KJoannRussellArt
Remember that you can find more small colorful paintings at to make a display of today's original art with other small landscape paintings. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mountain River Landscape Colorful Original Oil Painting Summer Art

"Mountain River Summer"
5 x 7" oil
It's late summer. The mountain run off is evaporating faster in the hot sun. The rocks and boulders are exposed from the lowered water levels of the river. However, it is still cooler in the mountains than in the triple digit heat of the valley. 
This small colorful painting depicts a similar scene in southern Oregon. This oil painting is the popular size for group displays of art or for the special wall locations for your favorite scenes.

I haven't uploaded this painting to my website or Etsy shop yet. Be the first to contact me if you want to purchase it for your art collection. It comes to you unframed.

Monday, October 13, 2014

"Iris Study #2"
5 x 7" oil
Several of my floral watercolors were painted from the iris fields of a fellow painter near Salem, Oregon. One painting more recently is an oil on a large canvas nearly 4 ft. in size. However, that oil painting looks rather abstract because it is not completed as I planned.
I've debated what to do with the painting, whether to destroy it or paint another image. So, I needed to get back into painting irises to make a decision about this incomplete painting.  Hence, a couple of small individual irises as studies.
The iris pictured here and its companion piece are oil on canvas panels. I've listed both of them today in my Etsy shop KJoannRussellArt. They'll make a perfect pair when framed. 
Yes, I'll complete the large painting, but not today. More small paintings are being added weekly on 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Small Colorful Landscape Oil Painting of Valley in Oregon Daily Art by K. Joann Russell

"Valley View #2"
5 x 7" oil

Time flies when you're having fun, right? Summer flew by while I was painting some small oil paintings in the warm weather. We're still enjoying warm weather, but it's time to focus on acrylics and watercolors that dry faster in the soggy days of fall and winter. 
This small colorful painting with lots of green tones in it is the second of this location in the Williamette Valley of Oregon. They could be a great pair when framed.
Look for the Valley View #1 among the many small paintings on my website.
In addition to painting this summer I've been working on my website and other venues after installing a new computer system. If you've missed any of my paintings, you can order prints on canvas or paper with custom framing optional. The color swatches are a big help in your decorating decisions. 


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