Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Painting "Her Sunflower Garden" Colorful Original Oil Painting of Sunflowers

"Her Sunflower Garden"
20 x 16 x 1.5"
 oil on gallery wrap canvas

"Her Sunflower Garden", an original oil painting of sunflowers, shows somewhat stylized sunflowers in a large painting for your wall decor. The inspiration for this painting came from a lady who grows lots of varieties and sizes of sunflowers. She suggested this painting as another type of sunflower than those I grow in my own garden.

The painting is ready to hang. Because of the gallery wrap canvas (no staples show on the sides) a frame would not be necessary. 

View more paintings and prints of sunflowers on my website.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Long Hot Summer in Online Selling for Artisans and Artists

Here we are in August and some artisans and artists have experienced a long hot summer from more than the weather. I am part of this group who sell in online ecommerce. The common denominator of what has caused this group including many friends to go through a long hot summer is the much publicized troubles on the large Etsy site. 

 These artisans and artists are adjusting in their individual ways from remaining in the status quo hoping for brighter future to completely leaving online ecommerce for 9 to 5 jobs or a pause to plan a new future. All these Etsy shop owners are unique small business owners. Their stories could be material for a book on what makes America great. 

One of the former Etsy shop owners sent me an email today announcing the completion of the shop move to their own shopping cart. When I looked at the work they did I read their about page. I am sharing it because it gives an example of the stories for that book mentioned above. Read about Two Broads and A Shop.

I have a couple new large paintings to upload to my website, but they will not be in my Etsy shop where inventory will be gone by the end of August. Sneak preview of painting below.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Farms Small Colorful Rural Landscape Oil Painting

"Small Farms"
5 x 7 x .75 in

"Small Farms", a colorful original landscape painting takes you down a rural road of small acreages in a valley in Oregon. The lush greens of trees separating pastures and grasslands are typical of the Williamette Valley, south of Portland. Add this as a highlight to your vintage furnishings or a nostalgia piece for your fine art collection.

This oil painting can be easily displayed in a table top style easel as shown above.

More small paintings are available at

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Looking Up" Sunflower Original Oil Painting for Sunflower Art Decor

"Looking Up Sunflower"
10 x 8" oil painting

 "Looking Up Sunflower", an original oil painting of a single sunflower, shows a sunflower flower head tilting upward toward the sky.  The bright sunflower face looking up on a sunny day inspired me to paint this "happy face".  The image seemed to be an expression of encouragement of "things looking up". Enjoy!

Painting is ready to put in standard size frame. Perfect addition to your sunflower art decor! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bowing Sunflowers Oil Painting Ready for Purchase from Sunflower Studio Art

"Bowing Sunflowers"
8 x 10" oil

This new oil painting of sunflowers you saw in my last post of 2015. Now it is available via a new shopping cart option for my website. I'm excited about this easy way to purchase one or more of my paintings within a single order. Print collectors have been asking for this for some time. Buying art just got easier for all of us.

Another exciting change is that my studio site is located with the new shopping cart. Later this year we're looking forward to another credit card payment option besides PayPal. 

The new year is bringing other changes to my primary artist site 
My series of abstract paintings is complete. I have only one remaining painting waiting for its buyer. More about this series in another blog post.

With the close of the abstract paintings I've completed my color explorations journal from the last few years. I've started a different journal.

And my prints are now available in more decor and other products. I really like the tote bags and the shower curtains. Imagine sunflowers in either of these products. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Painting of Sunflowers Ending Summer Season Fun

Time flies when you're having fun! Right? Today's painting is in process; it's almost "there", meaning done/finished. I'm giving you a sneak peek at this painting of sunflowers because I'm amazed that it has been so long, again, between blog posts. I'm just not a writer so blogging gets relegated to the back burner of my daily activities. Sorry, folks.

This 8 x 10" oil painting has been sitting here looking at me as my head starts thinking about fast drying acrylics because our weather is getting colder and wetter. No title yet for these sunflowers at the end of the summer season. For a creative person pop, popping with ideas and possibilities time goes so fast it does seem to fly--at supersonic speed!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Artists As Late Bloomers and Other Life Changers

Storms blowing through our area completely pulled up my largest tomato plant, overturned chairs, and dotted the yard with large leaves and tree branches, but my late bloomer rose bush stood its ground! Surveying the damage today somehow transitioned into thinking about artists as late bloomers.

Later as I started to update my about page on Etsy  I thought of the many artists I've known and heard about recently who came to  art after other careers. "Late bloomers" they are called, sometimes derisively.

How many came to an "aha moment" to make a life change? How many worked and worked much of their adult years to be able to afford being the artist they always knew they were? How many juggled their priorities through the storms of life and somehow kept going? Is this true of other professionals, e.g., musicians?

Maybe it's all about life changes and how adaptable people are. Maybe it's just the creativity in each person that propels them to take the risks of changes. I don't pretend to have the answers. I'm just observing lots of these changes presently and not only in the art world. 

Here's to the start of a new month tomorrow and a new school year for young and old.
Be the original you are!  


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