Saturday, September 6, 2014

Paintings of Sunflowers from One Sunflower Sketch Over 13 Year Time Period

Sunflower painting by K Joann Russell.
"Unfolding Sunflower"
7 x 5" acrylic on canvas panel

Recently I found a sketch of a sunflower I drew with pencil and watercolors in the year 2001.  I still liked the imagery of the unfolding petals from a seed head so I decided to do a small painting from the sketch.

Sketch of a sunflower by K. Joann Russell.
As I was painting the new unfolding sunflower I recalled I had painted from this sketch previously. I was intrigued to look back at my earlier painting. 

I dug into my inventory list of completed work and the files and photos of the paintings. Lo and behold, I painted three not just one interpretation of the sketch! The earlier paintings were completed in late 2001 and sold in 2002.

Oil painting of sunflower by K. Joann Russell.
12 x 16" oil

Oil painting of unfolding sunflower by K.Joann Russell.
20 x 16" oil
Colorful oil painting of sunflowers by K.Joann Russell.
22 x 14" oil

All of these paintings were larger sizes and painted in oils. Which one do you like the best?

Monday, August 25, 2014

High Tide Surf Original Painting Colorful Limited Colors Palette Knife Daily Painting

Seascape daily painting of hide tide surf by K. Joann Russell
"High Tide Surf"
5 x 7" acrylic on canvas panel 

Ocean beaches on my mind here! Have I been eating too much of the fresh tuna my neighbor catches and shares with me? Nevertheless, the other day I wanted to start a new seascape painting, so I pulled out a newly gessoed canvas panel and grabbed a palette knife to dig into some leftover acrylic paints, two yellows, two blues and a bit of burnt sienna.

I did not intend to do a palette knife painting, but when I indicated the horizon I went with the fun of seeing what I could develop with the few paints and one palette knife. I had no idea what the final result might be; I was just having fun "emoting" over beaches I've been around all my life.

The fun continued and suddenly a picture was developing. I exclaimed, "that's just like the surf coming in at high tide, rolling and churning." So, I finished with a few dark colors to give more contrast and quit, before I ruined the painting with overworking which can be my downfall.

Later that day I showed the small painting to the fisherman and his wife without giving any explanations because I wasn't sure of its merits as a seascape. He immediately said, "Boy, do I know that!! The surf rolling and crashing around. Can I have it?"

 What has been your fun today?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Versatile Artist Palette for Acrylics

Palette for Acrylics
15 x 18 inches
An artist's palette speaks volumes about the artist, haven't you noticed? The former scientist (chemist) in me keeps an eye out for new techniques and supplies. I'm always "experimenting" to make my art processes better. Palettes are one of them. 

One of my daughters shared with me a nifty palette she learned about in working with Ali Edwards for creative memory keeping, an art form beyond the popular photo scrapbook.

In the photo above the dark brown under the paints and palette knife is the 15 x 18" sheet of heat resistant, slick work surface that is reusable and non-stick. What artist wouldn't like to have that for a palette instead of breakable glass?
So, I had to find out if it would work for me, possibly replacing my freezer paper inserts in John Pike boxes. Acrylic paints on this palette, called Ranger, turned out an artist's dream especially for clean up! 
Next I wanted to try water miscible oils with this palette. I used Cobra brand oils. They worked well even with clean up but not as easily as the acrylics did. 
Then I tried traditional oils. The results were unsatisfactory even using solvents for oils. Also the palette was easily scratched with repeated use of the palette knife. Clean up was so much more labor intensive than scraping a glass palette or disposing of freezer wrap.
Maybe this palette would work for you. It is sold at  or places such as Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's and usually packaged with two sheets of 15 x 18" each.  
Because of the warm summer weather I'm painting in oils with my usual palette. And I've even set up my pastels again.
Maybe when Seattle gray and rain return I'll use Ranger when I work more in acrylics for faster drying. I'm a little reluctant to cut down this new palette to fit my boxes. 
Maybe the curious scientist will show up this fall! Meanwhile, I'm soaking up the sun, which can be my excuse for not keeping up with my blog posts. Oh, I also have been revising my website as completion of the transition to my new computer system.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Valley View Rural Landscape Colorful Oil Painting-Daily Small Art

"Valley View"
5 x 7" oil on canvas panel

"Valley View", a small colorful original oil painting, shows an impressionistic view of the farm lands from the foothills of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. The distant coastal range of mountains is barely visible. 

The evergreen trees mingle with the other trees and shrubs on this hillside. Isn't it fun to look at the wide expanse of land as though you're an eagle at the top of one of those trees pondering your next dinner site?

"Valley View" is an oil painting on canvas panel ready to place in a standard size  5 x 7" frame.

More small colorful paintings are available for that special color spot in your decor.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Harvest Fields Colorful Rural Landscape Oil Painting Daily Small Art

Harvest Fields colorful original daily painting rural landscape by K. Joann Russell
"Harvest Fields"
5 x 7" oil

Today's small painting is one from the recently completed series of daily paintings on gessoed mat board.  I repurposed my stash of mat board for watercolors after I stopped doing shows of framed art. I found these 5 x 7" archivally gessoed boards so versatile for studies and en plein air work. They are real art gems when framed. Standard size frames are so cost efficient, too. And no glass needed as I had to use with my watercolors!

"Harvest Fields", a colorful original rural landscape oil painting, shows an impressionistic view of fields of grain and recently plowed soil after harvest on a bright summer day. Time for the combines to thresh the oats!

Dark evergreen trees on the hillsides contrast with the light colors of the grain. Distant mountains add a touch of cool color to the scene.

This oil painting on archivally prepared mat board is varnished and ready to place in a standard size frame. 

Join the fun of bidding for one of these paintings or view the many in this series at my website's small paintings.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Puget Sound Morning Small Colorful Marine Landscape

"Puget Sound Morning" 
5 x 7" oil

One of my favorite spots in the Seattle area is the Des Moines, WA beach park. When I lived near this location I often visited this lovely area in all kinds of weather. There was always so much to see with the long pier, the moorage, the rock strewn beach, the sea birds, and the people. 
"Puget Sound Morning", a small colorful original marine oil painting, shows an impressionistic view of somewhat still waters one morning at this beach in Washington State. The water reflected the hillside of dense evergreens and other trees. Vashon Island is in view across the Sound where ships and boats sail between Seattle and Tacoma. All was quiet in the morning sunlight. Can you smell my hot cup of coffee?

"Puget Sound Morning" is an oil painting on canvas panel, ready for a standard size  5 x 7" frame. 
Select from my small daily paintings for your decorating project.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Creek Bend Landscape Colorful Painting Daily Art by K. Joann Russell

Creek Bend, colorful small oil painting by K. Joann Russell
"Creek Bend"
5 x 7" oil painting

Even though it has been awhile since I've posted on this blog, I did complete my series of small paintings on gessoed mat board. This colorful oil painting marks the last of the series.

Creek Bend", a small colorful original landscape oil painting, shows an impressionistic view of a mountain stream changing direction as it flows through evergreen trees into touches of spring light on bushes. This is typical of fresh water streams in southern Oregon where boulders force the current to change direction creating rapids and more still waters in pools. 

The contrast of cool greens and blues with warm golds and browns gives a freshness to go with the cold waters of mountain runoff. This creek is typical of the many in the mountains of southern Oregon.  

 Lots of surface texture on this small daily painting makes the scene seem so real.  You might find a trout resting resting from the rapids in the calmer waters of the shady pool. This painting can be your special memory piece of your favorite fishing hole.

"Creek Bend", an oil painting on archivally prepared mat board, is varnished and ready to place in a standard size frame. It is 5 x 7".


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